Grants & Research

Current Grants

  1. Enhancing Women’s resilience and empowerment (IRRI)
  2. Assessing Skill Gap in Micro-Irrigation (Ministry of agriculture and farmer welfare, Government of India)
  3. Mechanization and labour saving technologies for women in agriculture (Ministry of agriculture and farmer welfare, Government of India)
  4. Linking nutrition to its source: the role of gender across food systems (International Rice Research Institute)


1.Whrrl: facilitating agricultural finance through block-chain technology – [published in IIM Ahmedabad cases and Harvard business publishing] WHRRL: Facilitating Agricultural Finance through Block-Chain Technology ( ;

2. Sahyadri farms a 21st century farmers enterprise

3. Aggois: Last Mile financing for small holder farmers

4. Alternate Pathways for Leveraging Digital Technologies in Indian Agriculture 


  1. Vemireddy, V., & Choudhary, A. (2021). A systematic review of labor-saving technologies: Implications for women in agriculture. Global Food Security29, 100541.
  2. Vemireddy, V., & Pingali, P. L. (2021). Seasonal time trade-offs and nutrition outcomes for women in agriculture: Evidence from rural India. Food Policy, 102074.
  3. Ground truthing the cost of achieving the EAT lancet recommended diets: Evidence from rural India. Global Food Security, 28, 100498 (Soumya Gupta, Dhiraj k Singh and Prabhu L. Pingali)
  4. Adapting the Women’s empowerment in agriculture index to specific country context: Insights and critiques from fieldwork in India (Soumya Gupta, Dhiraj k Singh and Prabhu L. Pingali)  click here GFs-highlights
  5. Nutritional outcomes of empowerment and market integration for women in rural India,  Gupta, S., Vemireddy, V. & Pingali, P.L. Food Sec. (2019).
  6. Irani, L., & Vemireddy, V. (2020). Getting the measurement right! quantifying time poverty and multitasking from childcare among mothers with children across different age groups in rural north India. Asian Population Studies, 1-23.

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