Current Grants

  1. Facilitating Access to Financial Services: Understanding Barriers to Mobile Phone Usage among Rural Women (Present- December 2021)
  2. Mechanization and labour saving technologies for women in agriculture (present – December 2021)
  3. Three grants for writing case studies in innovations in agricultural finance (December 2020)


  1. Vemireddy, V., & Pingali, P. L. (2021). Seasonal time trade-offs and nutrition outcomes for women in agriculture: Evidence from rural India. Food Policy, 102074.
  2. Ground truthing the cost of achieving the EAT lancet recommended diets: Evidence from rural India. Global Food Security, 28, 100498 (Soumya Gupta, Dhiraj k Singh and Prabhu L. Pingali)
  3. Adapting the Women’s empowerment in agriculture index to specific country context: Insights and critiques from fieldwork in India (Soumya Gupta, Dhiraj k Singh and Prabhu L. Pingali)  click here GFs-highlights
  4. Nutritional outcomes of empowerment and market integration for women in rural India,  Gupta, S., Vemireddy, V. & Pingali, P.L. Food Sec. (2019).


  5. Irani, L., & Vemireddy, V. (2020). Getting the measurement right! quantifying time poverty and multitasking from childcare among mothers with children across different age groups in rural north India. Asian Population Studies, 1-23.