Collaborative blogs: Export Potential of Sericulture in India

-By Kirti Singh, Richa Mishra, Ajith Narayanan (PGP-FABM batch of 2023, IIM Ahmedabad) Introduction Silk exports from India have increased after hitting a six-year low in 2021-22, with an increasing demand for silk carpets and garments in the USA and Europe. India is the only country in the world that produces all five varieties ofContinue reading “Collaborative blogs: Export Potential of Sericulture in India”

Case study: agricultural finance and blockchain technology

Read our latest case study on how warehouse receipt financing works in Indian agriculture. We demonstrate how blockchain technology can enable agricultural financing through a case study on WHRRL. We capture the process in great detail. You can download the case study through IIM Ahmedabad’s case centre’s website: WHRRL: Facilitating Agricultural Finance through Block-Chain TechnologyContinue reading “Case study: agricultural finance and blockchain technology”