New paper alert: Food supply chains and resilience to shocks: evidence from India’s COVID-19 lockdown

Read our paper on the response of food supply chains in India during the pandemic. We conduct food group wise analysis of food expenditures & agricultural markets. We show which dimensions of supply chain matter. Collaborators: Nikita Gupta and Abhishek Shaw.

Key points from the Union Budget 2023-24 for the Agricultural sector in India

with Drishti Vishwanath Agriculture in the Inclusive Development Tenet/ Priority Agriculture in the ‘Reaching the Last Mile’ Priority Agriculture in the ‘Infrastructure and Investment’ Priority Agriculture in the ‘Unleashing the Potential’ Priority Agriculture in the ‘Green Growth’  Priority Allocated Expenditure: Analysis Figure 1: Proportion of Total Expenditure Allocated to Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers WelfareContinue reading “Key points from the Union Budget 2023-24 for the Agricultural sector in India”

Collaborative Blogs: Adoption of Micro-irrigation

-By Jayant Singh, (PGP-FABM batch of 2023, IIM Ahmedabad) In the few thousand years that homo sapiens have existed, we have learnt to do and established our control over many great things, invention of the wheel, discovery of fire, the industrial revolution is certainly the most talked about milestones in human history. But perhaps theContinue reading “Collaborative Blogs: Adoption of Micro-irrigation”

Case study: Sahyadri Farms

There has been lots of discussion about farm, farmers and their income. Here, we bring a case of Sahyadri farms which proves the power of cooperation, market linkages and technology to empower farmers. This is exceptional story of an enterprise which shows the way forward for small holder agriculture. One can access the case from theContinue reading “Case study: Sahyadri Farms”

Summary of recent research on agriculture and risk management from the NEUDC conference 2018

Click here to access the blog:  Agriculture and Risk Management: Lessons from NEUDC 2018