Conferences, Seminars & Media Coverage

Academic Conferences (2022 and upcoming)

S. No.Name of ConferenceTitle of paperDate(s) of conferenceDomestic/International
1International Conference of Marketing on Consumer Experience in Digital Era – 2023;  Bodhgaya, IndiaIntegration of nutrition related information in digital games: Can it boost healthy eating behaviour among young children? (with Suruchi Singh)14-15 April 2023Domestic
2The 2023 Transformative Consumer Research Dialogical Conference; London, UK  Addressing Emerging Health Issues in Subsistence Marketplaces: The Challenge of Rising Obesity (with Suruchi Singh)18-21 June 2023International
3Academy of Marketing Conference 2023; Birmingham, UKExamining The Role of Psychological Ownership Amongst Young Children In Increasing The Uptake Of Healthier Food Options Through Digital Games  (with Suruchi Singh)3-6 July 2023International
415th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium: Meeting new challenges in a changing world; Nantes, FranceExamining the shape-food healthiness correspondence amongst children in the digital games space in the context of home-cooked and naturally occurring foods. (with Suruchi Singh)20-24 August 2023International
5Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Conference 2023Women in Non-Farm Work and Diet Quality: Evidence from rural Indian households. (with Disha Bose)February 2023International, Christchurch, New Zealand
6International Conference on Innovation to Transform DrylandsTime Preferences of Women in Non-farm work: Evidence from rural Indian households. (with Disha Bose)February 2023Domestic, Hyderabad
7INDAMMulti-stakeholders’ Perspectives on Food Traceability in India*** . (with Anam Choudhary)January 2023Domestic, Mumbai
8INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON REIMAGINING MARKETING WITH TECHNOLOGY (ICRMT)Multi-stakeholders’ Perspectives on Food Traceability in India (with Anam Choudhary)January 2023Domestic, Jammu
9American Economics AssociationGender and non-farm employment: Resilience strategies for rural households in India (with Disha Bose)June 2023International, USA
11ANZMAC DC              The impact of social media influencers on consumer behaviour – the role of self-discrepancy, perceptions of homophily and authenticity, self-acceptance, and mindfulness,” (with Shehzala, Anand Jaiswal)   Best Paper Presenter Runner Up – ANZMAC DC 2022 Best Doctoral Thesis Award (Runners Up), International Conference on Digital Organisations (2023) Best Paper – IIT Jodhpur Doctoral Colloquium  (2023)  
12IIM Calcutta and NYU Stern Marketing Conference 2022  “Is more always better? – Product availability, consumption and marketing influences at the Bottom of the Pyramid in India,” (with Shehzala, Anand Jaiswal)  
 ***Awarded the best paper award from the conference.     

Media Coverage

  1. Unpacking The Budget For The Agricultural Sector
  2. ‘Rural India spends only one-third of money needed for proper diet’ (Times of India)
  3. Study: Ag policy in India needs to account for domestic workload | Cornell Chronicle
  4. Ag policy in India needs to account for domestic workload (
  5. Increased farm work negatively impacts women’s nutrition: study (
  6. Why female farm workers’ nutrition levels drop during peak agricultural seasons (
  7. TCI Graduate Is Making Her Mark – Tata-Cornell Institute

Other conferences and Presentations

  1. [Selected paper presentation – 15th October, 2021] “Women’s empowerment, structural transformation and
    intrahousehold food allocation: evidence from India” at the conference Cultivating Equality: Advancing Gender
    Research in Agriculture and Food Systems
  2. [Panelist] 2021 UN food systems dialogue: Nourishing South Asia in a post-COVID-19 world: Reinvigorating rural
    communities through climate-resilient agriculture and food systems transformation
  3. [Panelist and speaker] COVID-19 and nutrition security: Findings from Tata-Cornell Institute research on Gender
    and Nutrition in India, CMIE presentations series.
  4. Research and Publications seminar, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.
  5. [Selected paper presentation] 2021 American Marketing Association “Is more always better? Product availability,
    consumption and marketing influences at the Bottom of the Pyramid in India” with Shehzala
  6. [Session chair] 2021 American Marketing Association Summer Academic Conference- Emerging Topics in
  7. Stakeholder consultations workshops: UN food systems dialogues, mapping evidence in gender and food systems.
  8. [Selected presentation] “Women’s time allocation in agriculture, nutritional trade-offs and seasonality: evidence
    from rural India” at Global Food Security Symposium, University of Gottingen, 2020
  9. [Selected paper presentation] at the American Agricultural Economic Association conference, 2020
  10. Selected posters [2] in Global Food Security conference, 2020
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